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Nominated for the best Recording Studio in Los Angeles California

Dec 30

The Room Recording Studios 

Los Angeles CA

Dicember 18, 2022

Nominated for the best Recording Studio in Los Angeles California.


Best Recording Studios in Los Angeles California

One of the best well kept secrets in Los Angeles California. The Room Recording Studios opened its doors for the first time in October 2012 in Burbank CA, quickly became the first option for independent artists that couldn't afford prices of the big studios in town, because it offered friendly rates and the same sound quality as the big studios in the city. Owner Mauricio Garza 11 time grammy nominee multi platinum producer knew exactly how to offer the best prices with the same top of the line equipment using the well known Tube Tech CL-1B and Neve 1073 combo delivering and unbelievable sound quality that made all the competition soon be offering the same audio chains in their studios, soon The Room became ground zero for the new scene of rap and rock indie artists looking to create their next smash hit. And with them The Room became a modern hit studio powerhouse. 

After Burbank, The Room opened Canoga Park in 2017, West Hollywood Melrose Ave location in 2018 and early 2019 its second Melrose facility also in Hollywood.

In 2020 Electric Media Group Inc, CEO Mauricio Garza acquired the amazing Hollywood Hills Mansion Studio previously owned by Avalon Designs  Owner and equipped it with an amazing SSL 9000J desk with 80 channels of analog power and tons of vintage gear and vintage microphones like the revered Telefunken ELAN 251 Neumann U67, Sony C800G, and with this a new era of affordable studios with the same amazing quality that you hear on your most loved records every day.

The Room offers special day block rates and night block rates also hourly weekly and yearly rates. Studios are open 24hrs a day all year long and they are all equipped with the most up to date computer systems and most modern DAW and plugins. They all have the best analog gear and some of the most well respected engineers in town always ready to help you create your next single.

If you or anyone you know happens to be in town and needs a recording studio near you dont hesitate and call The Room Studios to book your next session.

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