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How Can a Title IX Lawyer Can Help College Students and Defend Against Sexual Harassment Allegations

Jun 20

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Colleges and universities are responsible for conducting fair, impartial investigations of allegations of sexual assault and harassment. These investigations and hearings, however, are incredibly complex and often result in serious consequences for the accused student (also known as a respondent). In addition to potential academic penalties, a Title IX accusation can impact a student’s future career plans and reputation.

The federal Title IX statute and regulations set out a framework for schools to follow when investigating sexual misconduct claims. Both accused students and their accusers are promised certain protections in these proceedings, including access to a timely investigation, the right to cross-examine witnesses, and other procedures that resemble a trial. An experienced Title IX Lawyer Mesa can ensure that your school’s processes comply with the federal guidelines and help you defend your rights.

Your attorney-advisor can also protect your reputation and career prospects by helping you avoid damaging statements that could be used against you. This is important because investigators may try to turn your friends, co-workers, and other acquaintances into witnesses against you. Your attorney can also help you choose the best witnesses to testify in your defense and make sure that any evidence you provide is well-documented, accurate, and relevant.

If your college decides that there is insufficient evidence to support a finding of sexual misconduct, they will usually offer you an informal resolution. Your attorney can help you negotiate this process, as well as represent you in any appeals that might follow.

Your attorney will ensure that federal due process standards are followed at each step of the investigation and hearing. This includes ensuring that all procedures are followed for the pre-hearing interview, hearing, and any appeals. They will also review school policies to understand what protections are guaranteed and how they can apply them to your case.

The repercussions of a Title IX allegation can have a lasting impact on your life. You may lose a scholarship, or have your degree withheld, and you could suffer from the stigma of being found responsible for a policy violation on campus. This can affect your ability to enroll in other schools or find a job. Our attorneys will help you prepare for any repercussions and fight them in court if necessary.



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