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Occupational Therapy To Improve Daily Living

Nov 10

Occupational therapy to improve daily living is an interdisciplinary health profession that promotes healing through meaningful occupations (occupations being the things people do in their everyday lives). OT professionals use a holistic approach that considers how illness or injury affects a person’s life. They work with clients of all ages to help them manage their daily activities and improve their quality of life.

Unlike physical therapy and nursing, occupational therapy is focused on helping patients with daily living activities and regaining the ability to perform those activities independently. The therapist will start by listening and asking questions about the client’s environment, family and friends, and their important activities. They will also review medical records if available.

They will then create a treatment plan that is tailored to the individual and their unique needs. They will address the patient’s goals, and work with them to find ways they can achieve those goals through everyday activities. This may involve training the client in new skills, using adaptive equipment like splints or wheelchairs, or making changes to their home to make it safer. For example, removing rugs that could pose a tripping hazard or providing low-light lighting.

Visual impairments are one of the most common conditions treated by an OT. Whether due to age or disease, the loss of vision can have a significant impact on an older adult’s life. It can affect their independence and even lead to depression. It can be difficult for them to perform simple tasks such as cooking, driving, or going to the grocery store.

An OT can teach the patient how to modify their surroundings or use adaptive equipment. They can also teach them how to manage their symptoms through exercise and other therapies. They may also recommend certain medications to control their symptoms. For example, an OT may suggest an anti-depressant for someone who has lost their sense of purpose or feels depressed.

If you are looking for senior home care or elder care, an OT can refer you to non-medical agencies that offer friendly companionship and help with chores or errands. They can also refer you to a home health care agency that offers live-in care or 24-hour assistance and conducts full background checks on all employees. You can also seek referrals from your doctor or a local hospital or rehabilitation center. You can also ask neighbors and family members if they know of a caregiver that they would recommend. Then you can compare their services and choose the best fit for your loved one. This can give you peace of mind that your senior is safe and has a trusted caregiver. This is especially important if they have a serious condition, such as dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. You can also look into home care agencies that specialize in these types of conditions, such as Visiting Angels. You can get a free quote from them and see if they are licensed in your state. This can give you peace of mind that the company is reputable.

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