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Three Ways To Level Uneven Concrete

Nov 12

Concrete leveling is a non-invasive repair solution that helps bring sunken concrete slabs back to a vertical position. It can be used to lift concrete in a variety of areas including driveways, patios, sidewalks, and pool decks. This repair method is typically less expensive than replacing the entire slab and requires a lot less disruption to your home or business.

Uneven concrete slabs are a common problem that many homeowners encounter. Experienced Concrete Levelers can be dangerous to walk on, and they can create tripping hazards in front of your home or business. They can also decrease the value of your property and lead to costly water damage to the surrounding landscaping and structures.

In most cases, a trip hazard can be eliminated in just minutes by using patented concrete leveling techniques. Unlike traditional methods of sidewalk leveling such as grinding or scarifying, concrete leveling provides a smooth surface that is ADA-compliant. This sidewalk leveling process usually costs less than a concrete replacement and will allow you to re-open your sidewalk right away.

Three Ways to Level Uneven Concrete

The patented concrete leveling processes at A-1 utilize minimal displacement of the surrounding material to keep clean-up quick and avoid disturbing existing landscaping or structures. During the process, small holes are drilled into the sunken concrete slab at strategic locations. Then, a slurry grout or foam is pumped into the holes until any voids under the concrete are filled. Then, the concrete is raised with constant pressure to a safe and functional level.

This process is called concrete lifting and is much more cost-effective than a complete slab replacement. It is also far less disruptive and can be completed within a couple hours. There are two main types of concrete leveling: mudjacking and polyjacking. Mudjacking is a traditional concrete repair technique that uses a mud-like mixture to "jack" the sunken slab up from underneath. Polyjacking is a more modern approach that uses a foam-like substance to raise the sunken slab.

The most common causes of a sinking concrete slab include:

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