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Feb 25

Custom Umbrella as Sports Merchandise: Supporting Teams in Style

Let's chat about how branded umbrellas are making waves in the sports merchandise arena. In the vibrant world of sports, where every accessory counts, custom umbrellas offer fans a unique way to support their teams while staying shielded from the elements in style.

Umbrellas in Sports Merchandise

Umbrellas are not just practical; they're a visible, stylish statement of support. Here's why they're becoming a fan favorite in the realm of sports merchandise:

  • Year-Round Visibility: Whether it's rain or shine, a custom umbrella with the team's colors and logo can be used, ensuring your team's brand is on display all year round.
  • Functional Fan Gear: Branded umbrellas serve a dual purpose – they're a functional accessory for fans and a mobile billboard for the team.
  • Unique Keepsakes: Beyond the typical jerseys and caps, custom umbrellas are unique memorabilia items that fans can treasure for years.

Creating Umbrellas for Maximum Team Spirit

  • Team Colors and Logos: Incorporate your team's colors, logos, and mascots into the umbrella design for instant recognition and fan appeal. To see possible designs, click here.
  • Quality Construction: Ensure the promotional umbrellas are sturdy and durable, able to withstand the rigors of game days and beyond.
  • Innovative Features: Consider adding features like wind resistance or UV protection, making the umbrellas not just a fan item but a high-quality product that stands out.

Umbrellas into Sports Marketing Strategies

  • Game Day Giveaways: Distribute customised umbrellas during games as part of promotions or as special rewards for loyal fans.
  • Merchandise Bundles: Offer customised umbrellas as part of premium merchandise bundles or season ticket packages.
  • Online and In-Store Sales: Make these umbrellas available in your online store or at on-site merchandise shops, offering fans a convenient way to show their support.


Branded umbrellas as sports merchandise offer a unique opportunity for teams to engage with their fans and for fans to show their support in a practical, stylish way. These umbrellas are more than just rain protectors; they're a symbol of team spirit, a beacon of support, and a standout piece in any fan's collection. So, if you're looking to elevate your sports merchandise game, consider umbrellas – they're a surefire way to keep your fans and your brand in the spotlight, come rain or shine.