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IBC Mixer Also Helps to Re-Homogenize Products

Mar 23

Digital Drive Modes IBC Tote Mixer allows users to agitate, blend or mix liquids in large industrial storage containers called intermediate bulk containers or IBCs. These containers hold product for long periods of time while awaiting shipment or distribution to customers. Without proper mixing, these chemicals can become sedimentary in the bottom of the container or separate from one another. An IBC tote mixer provides heavy-duty power in a compact, low-weight design that is easy for a single person to install and use.

The patented IBC tote mixer from EvenMix features a unique fan-shaped mixing blade that is able to quickly and thoroughly mix all of the material in an IBC container. The blade is able to agitate in a way that prevents sedimentation from building up at the container bottom, while also preventing the emulsion or mixture from separating in the middle.

This IBC mixer also helps to re-homogenize products that have been stored for long periods of time, thereby maintaining product quality over time and reducing the amount of raw materials required for each batch. The EvenMix IBC tote mixer is suitable for a wide range of applications, including mixing in agriculture, brewing and wine making, industrial manufacturing, waste treatment, and more.

Many farmers use IBCs to store and transport water to and from their farms. This allows them to reduce the need for water transportation, which can be costly and energy-intensive. Additionally, IBCs are often used to store diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) for agricultural vehicles and equipment, as it is a necessary component of their Selective Catalytic Reduction system. A Dedicated DEF IBC tote mixer can help farmers easily and quickly dispense this fuel into their vehicles, thus speeding up operation times and reducing overall operational costs.

For more demanding applications, such as for IBC tote mixers used in breweries and wineries to rack and bottle products after fermentation, higher-horsepower models are available. These mixers feature larger diameter shafts and larger mixing impellers, allowing them to generate more torque for mixing heaver, denser, higher-viscosity liquid formulations. These models are typically electric powered, and their mixing impellers fold open to fit through the 6-inch opening in an IBC.

White Mountain Process offers both an air drive and an electric IBC tote agitator that can be used for a variety of different applications, such as brewing or winemaking. The company’s team can determine the best construction, type, size and style of mixer based on the specific needs of the customer. Additionally, they can provide a full range of spare parts, including replacement IBC mixer blades and drives. This helps ensure that the IBC tote mixer will be able to operate continuously for years, even under harsh conditions. This high level of customer support is what sets White Mountain Process apart from other suppliers.



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