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The Difference Between Cargo and Freight

Mar 26

Cargo and freight are two terms that are commonly used in the logistics industry, but for anyone who isn’t an expert in import-export, the differences between the two can be blurry. Understanding the difference between these two terms will help prevent confusion when communicating with a freight forwarder or 3PL provider. Cargo is traditionally the commercial goods transported by ship or plane, while freight is anything that is moved overland in trucks or trains. The line between cargo and freight can get blurry, however, when you consider certain seasons or particular circumstances. The difference between these two terms is most important when shipping cargo to Ghana, as there are seasonal changes that can impact the overall price.

Door to Door Shipping to Ghana, you likely imagine large vehicles full of boxes, lumber or new cars. These large vehicles are called vessels, planes and trains, and they are all known as carriers. Cargo is a term that is sometimes used to refer to the items being transported, but it is more commonly used to describe the carrier itself. The word comes from the Latin carricare, meaning to load. So, if you see a truck on the highway stacked high with boxes or lumber, it’s carrying cargo. Cargo is also often seen in ships, airplanes and train cars that are specially designed for that purpose, rather than vehicles made to transport passengers.

Some kinds of cargo, like chemicals, flammable liquids and radioactive materials, require special handling and regulations to keep them safe during transportation. These kinds of cargo are known as dangerous goods or hazardous cargo. They are typically loaded in special containers, which are called shipping containers. Some containers are prefabricated and built at the factory, and are known as prefabricated cargo.

A number of governments around the world are concerned with the security of cargo. They have introduced laws, administered by a customs agency, regarding the handling of cargo in order to minimize the risk of terrorism and other crimes. For example, the US government has been especially careful with the over six million cargo containers that enter its ports each year.

Shipping to Ghana

The best way to ship cargo to Ghana is through a company that specializes in international shipping. This will ensure that your cargo is shipped safely and on time. Some of the best shipping services include Cargo To Africa will provide tracking information and customer support. They will also handle customs clearance and delivery of your cargo to the appropriate port.

Another benefit of working with a company that specializes in shipping to Ghana is that they will know what fees are associated with various types of cargo. For instance, they will be able to give you a quote for shipping household goods, automobiles, building material and more. Additionally, they will be able to offer advice on insurance policies and other logistics aspects of shipping your cargo. Shipping to Ghana requires a little bit of planning, but it is well worth the effort.