GameStop is up virtually 70% and buying and selling has been briefly stopped

Wall Street’s most hated stock, GameStop, rose again on Friday as the massive short squeeze fueled its explosive rally.

Video game stock rose 69.4% to a high of $ 72.88 on Friday, bringing its gains over 100% this week alone. Trading in the name was discontinued several times due to the high volatility. The stock closed the day up 51.1% at $ 65.01.

GameStop has sold more than 138% of its float stocks as short sales, according to FactSet. This is the most abbreviated name on the US stock exchange, according to FactSet.

The stock initially rose last week after the company announced that Chewy’s co-founder and former CEO Ryan Cohen was joining its board of directors. The news sparked massive short coverage, with hedge funds and other players rushing in to cover their bets against the stock.

In the meantime, private investors also accumulated, which further fueled the rally. More than 194 million GameStop shares changed hands on Friday, more than eight times the 30-day trading volume averaging 23.8 million.

Short seller Citron Research was vocal about the stock, saying buyers at these elevated levels were “the fools of this game of poker,” according to a tweet Tuesday. Citron said GameStop will “quickly” fall back to $ 20 a share.

On Friday, Citron said GameStop would no longer be commented on due to attacks by the “angry mob” who own the stock.

GameStop’s stock was trading at just under $ 6 each about four months ago. Shares are up 245% in 2021, after rising 209% last year.

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