President-elect Biden says he wouldn’t hesitate to get the coronavirus vaccine

President-elect Joe Biden said Monday that “he would not hesitate” to get vaccinated against the coronavirus and the only reason people are hesitant about the safety of the vaccine is because of President Donald Trump.

“It’s important that the people who are most needed get it,” Biden said during a press conference. “I wouldn’t hesitate to get the vaccine, but I want to set an example too.”

On Monday, Moderna reported preliminary data from Phase 3 studies showing that the coronavirus vaccine is more than 94% effective at preventing Covid-19. These results follow similar results from Pfizer, who announced last week that early data show its vaccine is greater than 90% effective.

“I think we are on a clear path now. We are on a clear path with the international community and international leaders, and the scientific community has focused on these two vaccines,” said Biden. “They seem ready for prime time, ready to be used. And if this continues on these streets I would be on the vaccine.”

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